Accelerating Tomorrow with Mondadori Group

At PLAI, we stand on the shoulders of a giant. With a legacy rooted in the vast expanse of literature—spanning evocative Italian and international fiction, insightful non-fiction, from the lyrical realm of poetry to the foundational classics, and from the imaginative worlds of children’s and young adult literature to the grandeur of art catalogues and more—we fuel educational innovation.
We bring the wisdom of ages to every level of education, invigorating learning through textbooks, and kindling imaginations with both paper and digital narratives, from luxuriously bound editions to the convenience of pocketbooks.
Our literary lineage extends to a network of over 500 Mondadori bookstores that weave through Italy’s cultural fabric.
As the foremost multimedia publisher, our voice resonates across the vast digital expanse and traditional print media, leading conversations and connecting communities.
PLAI is the convergence of historical depth and modern agility, expertise meeting entrepreneurial spirit, where startups are catapulted into the heart of opportunity. As Mondadori Group’s accelerator arm, we’re not just a gateway; we’re your launchpad to educational, retail, and digital media prominence.
We’re about transforming your brightest ideas into impactful realities—today, for a brighter tomorrow.

0 Million Euro in Revenue
in 2023

0 Active Bookstores and Pointof Sales

0 Brands in Magazines and Digital Publishers

Empowering Pioneers in EdTech field

Our roots in secondary education publishing give you access to an extensive network and market dominance in school textbooks, offering a robust platform for EdTech startups to innovate and scale.

Strategic Retail Connections

With a retail network of 500+ stores across Italy and beyond, PLAI opens the doors to unrivaled avenues for your startup's market exposure and customer interaction. This extensive network serves as a powerful touchpoint, offering a diverse array of retail environments to showcase your products with live audiences.

Harnessing Market Leadership for Your Growth

In the Digital Advertising, MarTech and Digital Publishing our pioneering role and market leadership, positions you at the forefront of the industry's evolution, ensuring your startup's voice is heard where it matters most.

Strategic Partnerships for Tangible Outcomes

At PLAI, we champion your growth, streamline your market entry, and unlock pathways to funding and strategic partnerships. Join us to be part of a legacy that shapes the cultural narrative and leads sustainable, inclusive business success since 1907.

PLAI with the TEAM

Antonio Porro

President of PLAI

Antonio Porro has been Chief Executive Officer of the Mondadori Group since April 2021.
He also holds the positions of General Director of the Mondadori Group, President of Mondadori Libri S.p.A., Mondadori Scuola S.p.A. and Mondadori Media S.p.A., as well as responsible for the Development and Management of activities relating to the Sustainability Plan and related issues.

Stefano Argiolas


Stefano Argiolas is the CEO of PLAI and Chief AI Officer at Mondadori Group. A serial entrepreneur, his latest venture, Hej!, was acquired by Mondadori, reinforcing his status as a leader in digital innovation and AI.

Andrea Santagata

CEO Digital & MarTech Mondadori Media

Andrea Santagata has been Chief Executive Officer of Mondadori Media S.p.A. since June 2023. – a company of which he was previously General Director – for the management and development of digitally derived brands and the MarTech hub.

Paolo Ruscitti

Sr. Technical Account

Paolo is the Sr. Technical Account at PLAI, where he serves as the essential bridge between technology teams and client accounts.

Alberto Barsotti

Program Manager

Alberto is the Program Manager of PLAI, where he orchestrates project activities to align with the company's strategic objectives.

Daniele Giovannone

Head of OPS

Daniele is the AI Head of Operations and the internal corporate business link.

Carlotta Strada

HR Business Partner

Carlotta serves as the HR Business Partner (HRBP) at PLAI, where she plays a pivotal role in aligning human resources strategy with business objectives.