The Batch Program

PLAI's Batch Program provides a comprehensive framework for nurturing AI and Generative AI startups. It offers both initial funding and intensive development programs to help transform ideas into viable products and prepare startups for future growth. Additionally, PLAI supports more established businesses ready to expand their market presence, providing the necessary tools and resources within PLAI's ecosystem to enhance product development and operational scalability.

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Acceleration and Scale Up programs


PLAI’s Acceleration Program targets early-stage startups focused on achieving problem-solution fit within the AI/GenAI sector. We invite innovative teams to join our community, offering an enriching environment that nurtures growth and ideation. Participants will receive foundational support, including funding and mentorship, to refine their business models and develop minimal viable products (MVPs). This program is ideal for those at the pre-seed or seed stage, looking to kickstart their journey in the competitive tech landscape.

Acceleration Call

Scale Up

The PLAI Scaleup Program is tailored for more mature startups aiming to fine-tune their product-market fit. This initiative supports startups ready to enhance their products and prototypes through strategic collaboration and development resources. Targeting this specific phase, this program empowers participants to expand their operations and escalate their impact in the market. Ideal candidates should already possess developed prototypes and be prepared to take their solutions to the next level.

Scale Up Call